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New Lawn. A Garden Reborn: Transforming a Landscape in Reigate, Surrey with Premium Lawn Turf laying service. Turf install done right.

Updated: Mar 4

Welcome to our blog, A garden renovation in the charming town of Reigate, Surrey. At WE LAY LAWN TURF, we take great pride in our ability to breathe new life into outdoor spaces, and this recent project was no exception. Join us as we unveil the transformation, sharing the meticulous process of removing shrubs, addressing tree roots, raising soil levels, and laying our premium lawn turf to create a picturesque landscape.

Shrub removal, Preparation for new lawn, Ready for new turf
Before the work was underway

Clearing the Path: Our garden renovation adventure began by removing existing shrubs that had seen better days. These tired plants made way for a fresh start, allowing us to reimagine the landscape and create a canvas for beauty to flourish. We carefully extracted the shrubs, preparing the space for the exciting changes to come.

Tackling Tree Roots: In any garden renovation, nature's intricate web of tree roots can present a challenge. We meticulously addressed this obstacle, ensuring that the new landscape would thrive without any hindrance caused by hidden tree roots. Our expert team carefully removed and navigated around these roots, guaranteeing a stable foundation for the upcoming transformation.

Soil raised and levelled, New turf, lawn laying
Rady to lay lawn turf

Raising the Soil Level: To elevate the garden to new heights, we raised the soil level, creating a visually appealing and harmonious layout. This process involved meticulous grading and levelling, ensuring that every inch of the garden boasted a balanced and even surface. By raising the soil level, we created a clean slate, ready to embrace the beauty of our premium lawn turf.

Removing Failed Resin Pathway: In the quest for perfection, we encountered a failed resin pathway that disrupted the garden's flow. We swiftly cut out the failed sections, erasing the visual discordance and enabling a seamless transition throughout the landscape. This elimination not only improved the aesthetic appeal but also ensured a safe and practical environment for the homeowners to enjoy.

Premium Lawn Turf Install: The pièce de resistance of our garden renovation was the installation of our premium lawn turf. Selected for its exceptional quality and lush appearance, this turf effortlessly transformed the space into a picturesque haven. Our skilled team carefully laid the turf, ensuring precision and attention to detail for a flawless result. The vibrant green expanse served as the crowning glory, adding a touch of elegance and natural beauty to the rejuvenated garden.

fresh premium lawn turf

A Vision Realized: With the removal of shrubs, the careful treatment of tree roots, the raised soil level, and the installation of premium lawn turf, the garden renovation in Reigate, Surreywas a vision realized. The turf install Surrey brought new life into the outdoor space, creating an inviting oasis for the homeowners to enjoy. The picturesque landscape now stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication of our team.

lawn stripes, fresh turf

Conclusion: At WE LAY LAWN TURF, we are committed to revitalizing outdoor spaces, and the garden renovation in Reigate exemplifies our passion for creating stunning landscapes. Through the meticulous removal of shrubs, addressing tree roots, raising soil levels, and the installation of our premium lawn turf, we have crafted a picturesque and enchanting garden. If you are seeking to transform your own outdoor space, contact us today and let us bring your garden dreams to life.

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