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Creating a Stunning Lawn in a 32m2 Front Garden in Coulsdon

Creating a beautiful lawn can transform any outdoor space, and that's exactly what we achieved for one of our clients in Coulsdon. Their front garden was 32m2 and in need of a complete overhaul. Our team set to work, and in no time, we had created a stunning lawn that was the envy of the neighbourhood.

garden prep lawn new lawn remove old lawn turfing
Before we started prep for the new lawn turf

The first step was to remove any existing plants and debris from the area. We then used a rotovator to break up the soil and create a level surface. After removing any large stones or roots, we carefully levelled the soil to ensure an even surface.

soil, top soil, ready for lawn turf
soiled and ready for quality premium lawn turf

Once the soil was prepared, we laid the lawn turf. We used high-quality turf that perfectly suited to the garden's sunny location. We carefully laid the turf to create a seamless lawn with no visible seams or gaps.

lawn new lawn turf laying service grass
half way through laying the lawn turf

After the new lawn was laid we provided the client with detailed instructions on how to care for their new lawn turf, including how often to water it and when to mow it for the first time.

The end result was a stunning new lawn that transformed the front garden into a welcoming outdoor green space. The client was thrilled with the results and couldn't wait to start enjoying their new lawn.

lawn, lawn turf, grass, new lawn, lawn laying service
freshly laid lawn turf with a boarder of daffodils

If you're interested in transforming your own outdoor space, contact us at

We're based in Reigate and happy to cover the whole south of England within 120 miles of Reigate. We offer a wide range of lawn turf laying services, and we're committed to delivering high-quality results that exceed our clients' expectations.

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