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160m2 in Crawley.

Another day with relentless rain. We covered the lawn turf delivery with plastic shert to prevent them getting soaked while rolled up.

This garden needed raising at the front so we first added topsoil and then our turfing topsoil to reach our desired height.

The back garden was already the right level so we rotorvate as normal then remove all green waste. Board to compress and add our topsoil mix.

After the front lawn was laid we moved the turf rolls to the back garden. There was a break in the rain so we laid as much as we could.

With only 70 lawn turf rolls to go and the end in sight. We carried on laying the lawn turf through the heavy rain.

The customer was really happy with his new lawn and after being soaked we where lucky the job was located near me so quickly home for a well deserved bath.

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